The tricky trio


Now here is a classic misconception! When you mix these three up, take one for another and expect one to serve the purpose of another; well, it won’t work. Quite obviously. These three however can be viewed, let’s say, as three siblings. They have a common blood line but they definitely have an extremely defined hierarchy when it comes to their individual powers.

So how do you simplify their hierarchy for a layman’s understanding?

To put it as simply as possible, a Graphic Design isn’t always an Advertisement. Likewise, an Advertisement can’t be summed up as Branding. However, Branding always includes advertising and graphic designing in it, along with many other branding tools.

Let’s dig in deeper. How exactly are these 3 different from one another?

Graphic Designing, Advertising and Branding – the confusion about their distinction can generally be blamed on the fact that they often overlap one another. But, once you dissect them on the grounds of their individual capacity and function, fetching a clear comprehension about these three is a cakewalk.

Graphic Design :

  • It refers to the visual communication of information using elements such as forms, color, images, typography, design, textures etc. It does not cover anything that cannot be seen.
  • It revolves around the composition, style and artistic crafting of the subject matter.
  • It can change and be moulded to fit any type of situation.
  • Its primary function is to relay information beautifully and stylistically.


Advertising Design :

  • Advertising is a design with a purpose of selling. It has a concept and a structure derived on the basis of marketing objectives and communication strategies.
  • It is generally persuasive in nature about the products, services or ideas and has the consumer positioned as a benefit of the service or product.
  • Unlike graphic design, advertise can be made in any medium, including auditory media such as radio, the word of mouth etc.
  • If a graphic designer can’t develop message driven concepts, no amount of experience or good looking designs will make him or her functional in the advertising industry.
  • Compared to branding, advertising has smaller and short-term functions assigned to it.


Branding :

  • It is a module of long-term business strategy. It is a continuous process that takes time, effort and commitment.
  • It is about creating a compelling business identity that establishes a lasting emotional connection with your customers. It is about determining what values you want your business to be known for, communicating those values and making it sure that you live up to the reputation your brand builds as a result.
  • More than just persuading customers to purchase from you, Branding is about building credibility and trust with your customers so that they want to purchase from you and remain loyal to your products/services/ideas.
  • It involves the assembling of things an audience expects and experiences, combined with the workings of all the other brand elements.  So basically, everything that your company does, has or offers – like customer service, graphic designing, collateral, the way you answer the call, the way you handle customer complaints, advertisements – it is all a part of establishing your brand.


…and the verdict is :

If you want to chart out a business growth plan for next one year, then focus on increasing the sales. If it is for next 3-4 years, focus on increasing the channel partners. And, if you want to plan a growth for the next decade, go for branding. ENSO ensures you one such glorious decade of your product/service/company.

 “A brand lives long after you are gone.” – ENSOism