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As cliché as it may sound, but, too many cooks do spoil the broth! Come on, let’s just face it. It’s not a very wise idea to go to different agencies to get variety of your branding and advertising jobs done. For the simple reason that it takes the consistency of your brand identity for a toss. Rather, as ENSO asserts, the brand owners must get the privilege of availing all the services under one roof so that something as vital as brand consistency is completely taken care of.

That is why, here is what we have devised quite exclusively. A holistic pit-stop for all your branding and advertising requirements. When there is just one ‘cook’ involved and that too with all his passion and expertise, the ‘broth’ runs no risk of getting spoilt. In fact, it just gets better from here on!

OUR BRANDING SERVICES : Going way beyond just logo, collateral, billboards etc, ENSO provides you with the in-depth and authentic branding services. We are passionate about creating a striking Brand Identity, Corporate Identity and Product Branding for you. Your Product Launch Marketing is also taken care of by our team of experts.

 OUR ADVERTISING SERVICES : Get your Newspaper, Magazine, Television, Radio and Outdoor advertisements done in the most effective way. We also formulate a detailed Media Planning customized on the basis of your requirements.

OUR PRINT SERVICES : Offering you with the best quality and creativity, ENSO designs and delivers the most remarkable Brochures, Catalogs, Booklets, Flyers, Business Cards, Newsletters/Invitations, Marketing/Product Launch Kits, Leaflets etc.

OUR WEB SERVICES : Keeping completely in tune with the latest internet trends, ENSO offers you a wide range of web services like Website Design and Production, E-commerce Development and Management, Social Media, Banner Ads, Flash Designs etc that keep you ahead in the race.

OUR AUDIO/VISUAL SERVICES : Now go no farther even for special technical services like Corporate Films, PowerPoint, Flash Video, Interactive CD/DVD, Short Films etc as ENSO has an exclusive team of experts who have specialized in this particular area of work.

Events : ENSO also takes care of planning and executing the Exhibitions, Trade-shows, Kiosks, Roadshows etc for the promotions of your brand.

OTHER SERVICES : Find the most unique and customized solutions to your Packaging, Merchandising, Corporate Gifts and Stationary requirements here with us at ENSO.

All this under one roof, let us tell you that one more time. Didn’t we mention, we are quite happily obsessed with the word ‘Branding’ and we take it up as our single-minded mission?

  1. Chinmay Bhuta says:

    Great article Neeja! Again, dispelling the myths that put branding and advertising in the same bracket.


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