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Posted: September 20, 2014 in advertising, advertising agency, Branding, consumer
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Be Big. Be Brave. Be A BRAND

That’s the mantra that we have given to our clients and they seem to be thrilled with the results it has generated. After all, who likes to remain unnoticed or even half noticed for that matter? Why shouldn’t you turn your business in to something remarkable and project it as something worthy of a consumer’s loyal association? And, if you want to go for something as fine and ambitious as that, do you think the typical ways of advertising and marketing would do justice to your dreams? NO.

It is time you forget everything ordinary and ineffective. Choose to become a Brand instead, a sure shot to transform your business ambitions in to proud realities.

How does ENSO convert your business in to a BRAND?

Your journey from being ordinary to becoming extra ordinary will include four steps :


It begins with something as basic as your Consumer’s analysis – determining your audience, the key influencers, trends, needs, studying the existing perception of your brand category etc.

Moving on to the next point, we do your Competitors’ analysis – their market position, brand position, brand promise, brand personality, strengths and weaknesses.

Then we go on to doing your Current Brand assessment – an assessment of your existing brand promise, brand  personality, positioning, strengths, weaknesses, history, prospects, threats, values etc.


We chart out a campaign strategy on the basis of three things – your consumer’s expectation, your requirement about how you want to position yourself in the market and the  frame of reference/point of difference by keeping your competitors in mind.

Based on this and the brand analysis that we did in the first phase, a long term plan is devised to develop a successful brand and to achieve specific goals. This campaign strategy will be executed through this sequence – awareness  > alignment  > engagement >  action.


Brand standards are basically a set of guidelines to help your company  and affiliates communicate  the look, feel and representation of your organization to your target consumer in a consistent fashion. They generally include all-inclusive brand description, logo usage & requirements, graphics  elements, color scheme, typography, tone and copy. We establish the brand standards for you so that a steady brand identity can be generated for your organization.

Once the brand standards are established, we head towards crafting a perfect brand launch for you. A brand launch revolves around creating the right first impression as your consumers will start forming an opinion of your company from the time they first engage themselves with your brand. A brand launch timeline will generally include these processes : discovering > developing > deploying > maintaining.

Then comes brand marketing. It will involve communicating what the company does, how well it does it and providing a way to bring that information to the consumer’s mind in an instant. This could be done through anything – like, the logo, website, tagline etc.


This is the stage where you get ready to win your consumers by offering them an enhanced brand experience by the unified communication at various touch points. Fix an appointment with Ms. Neeja Shah to know more about this master plan!

Detailed, Dedicated and Determined – that is ENSO for you.

As you must have noticed, taking short cuts and finishing things just for the heck of finishing is not our way of working. And, we take pride in it not being our way of functioning. If it is about something as vital as turning a business in to a BRAND, it better be done with flair of a perfectionist, we assert.


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